About us


Baphalane Ba Mantserre Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd - BBMIH - is the investment holding arm of the Baphalane Ba Mantserre Community Trust. The Baphalane Ba Mantserre Community is a community of approximately 10 000 members located in the North West province.

The board of BBMIH along with the Community Trust has taken a strategic decision to create a diversified investment portfolio for the benefit of the community.

In summary; therefore, BBMIH is the investment holding company set up with a mandate to:

  • Originate
  • Qualify
  • Execute
  • Realise  

Investments on behalf of the Baphalane Ba Mantserre Community.


BBMIH is able to offer the following value proposition to prospective partners:

  • Well-structured investment vehicle with strong governance principles in place
  • Specific investment criteria from a sector mandate and investment objective perspective capital partners
  • Broad Based Empowerment Partner that is able to provide value in terms of business support services
  • Experienced and credible senior management executive that has precedence of creating value for community driven investment holding companies for the benefit of the community and investment partners.